Our hygiene standards and rules of conduct


Attention for visitting us you need:

- a corona vaccination certificate (fully vaccinated) or

- a proof that you are recovered from corona (not longer than 6 months)


We do the following to minimize the risk of virus infection:

  • Frequently touched surfaces like counter, door handles, toilets etc. are regularly disinfected!
  • We recommend bringing your own helmet (full visor)!
  • Balaclavas are mandatory when using our helmets!
  • Rental helmets and steering wheels are disinfected after each session!
  • We recommend you to wear gloves!
  • We offer you the possibility to disinfect your hands!
  • We do not shake hands for greetings and award ceremonies!
  • We collect your data to track possible infection chains!
  • Routes are specified to comply with the distance rules!


Please note the following hygiene and behavior rules:

  • When entering our facility, please put on your mouth / nose protection!
  • Please disinfect your hands at the entrance!
  • First please go to the registration and show your vaccination certificate!
  • Please always follow the distance rule (1.5 meters to other people)!
  • Cough and sneeze please in the crook of your arm whenever possible!
  • If possible, please bring your own helmet!
  • Please wash / disinfect your hands frequently and thoroughly!

We ask for leniency and point out that there may be waiting times due to the separate rules.