The best starting position to lead the field

Vehicle control

As a first step, you must learn how to use your vehicle correctly. The right seating position is crucial. Legs should be slightly bent, both feet always lean against the pedals, hands always stay in the "Quarter to 3 position". The pedals are only to be used alternately. Brake or gas! Before you seek your first opponents, you should master the "left braking", and be safe in dealing with the direct steering.

Knowledge of the track

First, memorize the racetrack. Drive the course on the ideal line as well as you can. To do this, always drive turns from the very outset; when turning in, orient yourself to the curve vertex and from there back to the outside to the corner exit. Understanding the track's ideal line is an important foundation for improving your lap times and, later, for success in the position battle.

Cornering technique

Basically, "clean driving is the fastest!" To further improve lap times, it does not depend on latest braking. "Prefer braking a little earlier to get started again sooner!" The standard rule is: "At the end of the curve you should have full throttle!" For cornering combinations: "The last corner before the next straight is the most important!"


An equal opponent is not be passed just like this! With weak opponents, their lack of vehicle control must always be taken into account. First, you need to uncover your opponent's vulnerabilities. To overtake, you have to look for another line! Position yourself correctly for an attack. Be sure to count on resistance! After a successful maneuver, leave room for your opponent to survive. Nobody can dissolve into thin air! Only a fair athlete is a respected opponent!

Time training decides on starting place

In qualifying you create an important prerequisite for your upcoming racing success. Therefore, you, too, should switch to the qualification mode! There are only few laps to build the basis. Therefore, try to plan every single lap so that you will not be hampered by slow drivers. During qualification, no "Blue Flag" will be shown! If you run into a slower vehicle, it is best to immediately cancel your failed attempt, re-orientate and use the rest of the round to optimally position yourself for a next (free!) "Fast lap"!