25 years of kart events and kart races in Düsseldorf/Kaarst

The original: In pole position since 1994

Since RS Speedworld opened its gates on 15.10.1994, it is considered "the original" among the karting tracks. In the last 25 years, it has never given up its pole position, but consequently expanded it. The mother of karting entertainment is not only the oldest company in its industry, but due to the unbroken reputation, it also sets a benchmark, especially in terms of kart company events.

If you look at a small excerpt of the reference list, you will find a true "Who's Who" of international companies. Whether Sony, Ebay, Microsoft or Siemens: They all have not only praised the unique entertainment and the passion with which RS Speedworld organizes events and races perfectly, but also recommended them in their networks. This is the highest possible award and most valuable recognition.

Intrigued with detail and focused on the organization of perfect entertainment, our kart races evolved into unparalleled premium events over time. Of course, it’s basically about racing, but above all about high-class entertainment with the highest quality and safety standards: for companies, but also children, bachelor parties and other racing enthusiastic groups.

Professionally approved and managed: Racetrack with the highest standards

Our DMSB (ONS) approved racetrack will surely provide pleasure. The audience has a splendid view on the events with the large-screen display, while drivers get a literal overview with the lap time display above the track. Afterwards, the computer analysis of the driven lap times provides a perfect summary for every driver.

Unique at RS Speedworld: a new track every month

Thanks to the extreme flexibility of the patented RS Mini-Guard barrier, there is a new route every month in conjunction with various karting championships. So there are always new challenges for the drivers and varied excitement for the spectators.

Fast and safe: from Kinderkart to double-seater

The highest level of safety and the best equipment for drivers and spectators are guaranteeing fun without any regrets and give as much pleasure, as are the constantly renewed, absolutely identical top karts. All our racing cars are continuously checked for their technical condition. For absolute equality of opportunity, all karts are matched within their class.

Cozy and well maintained: get off the track to enjoy atmosphere

RS Speedworld offers you not only excellent entertainment with racing action, but also invites you with many other options for entertaining and relaxing in sophisticated atmosphere. Our bistro offers you various ways to satisfy your hunger and/or thirst. Billiard table and professional soccer table provide for sporty change. And in good weather, our attractive outdoor area invites to enjoy some open-air atmosphere.



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